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2012 Slingshot RPM « The Official Kiteboarding Blog


2012 Slingshot RPM

Let’s be honest for a second. Every website has the exact same description of this kite:  isn’t that a little frustrating? I think it’s time that someone write something new for a change.  I’m tired of reading the same thing every time I try to find information about a kite. Can’t we get a little more creative than a simple copy and paste from one website to another?

So here are my thoughts on the 2012 Slingshot RPM. I think it’s great to finally have an every-person kite endorsed by a champion rider. What do I mean by “every-person kite”? I mean that it’s not a C-Kite and any rider from a beginner to an expert can ride this kite and enjoy it. It’s not just made for expert riders and it won’t put anyone in danger like the other tour kites out there. I think that Youri Zoon is the best thing for the sport of kiteboarding because he is making a non C-Kite popular and winning with it. He’s the most marketable person with the most marketable kite right now because of its versatility and safety. The kite is the absolute best of both worlds:  it obviously delivers enough power when you want it (see Youri Zoon in the video below), and it dumps power when and if you need to. Every other kite that is marketed like it is not going to have the safety and versatility. That is what makes this kite so important, this is the kite with the potential to finally start to draw the younger riders to the sport. To learn safely and continue to progress this most amazing sport.

Those are my thoughts and opinions, right or wrong they’re here on this blog. Read them, agree with them, argue with them it doesn’t matter. It’s nice to have something different that wasn’t written by a marketing person meant to be copied and pasted on 100 different websites. And that’s the important thing to me.

Check out how to get your 2012 Slingshot RPM at a discounted price here. All you have to do is select the trade in option to receive up to $200 off and once you get your kite delivered just mail us an old kite you have lying around. It’s that easy. You knew I had to have a sales pitch in here eventually, we are a business. At least I waited ’til the last paragraph.

2012 Slingshot RPM with Youri Zoon (Capetown) from Slingshot Kite on Vimeo.


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