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Cabrinha Crossbow and Switchblade Review « The Official Kiteboarding Blog


Cabrinha Crossbow and Switchblade Review

Cabrinha Crossbow and Switchblade Review
The Crossbow and Switchblade are by far the 2 most popular kites from Cabrinha with good reason.  Both relaunch easy, have lots of depower,  turn fast, have a medium bar pressure and suit the needs of just about every rider out there.  Both kites use the IDS Control system that is well thought out and easy to use, and both are extremely well constructed with lots of attention to detail.   Cabrinha came out with the first highly depowerable inflatable kite and continue to build on their reputation as one of the top kite manufacturer’s.  Lot’s of people have been asking which kite they should choose so here is a breakdown to help you out. 

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Cabrinha Switchblade Review:

Very Easy Relaunch:  Just pull left or right and the kite almost always does the rest.   Almost automatic. 

Stable: This is one of the most stable and solid feeling kites.  Great for anyone.  Advanced to Pros love it because they don’t have to worry about the kite falling out of the sky when they are upside down and passing the bar, and beginners love the ease of use.

Medium Turning Speed: Fast enough to do whatever you want, but still easy to keep track of.  Nice for beginners and Intermediate to Advanced level riders into unhooked wakestyle riding.   Riders into wakestyle handlepasses and hitting sliders love this about the kite because you won’t loose track of where the kite is. 

Low End Grunt: Lots of low end constant pull.  Gives the kite a very predictable and powerful feel unhooked.  Provides lots of power for loading up jumps.  Great for waveriding.

Overall: The Switchblade is just a great all around, do anything type of kite.  For every skill level of rider.  A beginners dream kite.  The wakestyle guys love it as well for its low end pull that provides tons of power for loading up and popping.  Super stable, this is the most solid feeling kite we have tested.  If you want to do a bit of everything, are just starting out, or want a predictable kite that will let you pull of the most technical wakestyle moves then this is a excellent choice.

Cabrinha Crossbow Review:

Very Easy Relaunch:  Just pull left or right and the kite almost always does the rest.   Almost automatic.  Due to the higher aspect design, maybe not quite as fast too relaunch as the Switchblade.   

Stable: Stable design.  Not as stable as the Switchblade, but this means a faster forward speed and bigger jumps.

Fast:  The Crossbow has an extremely fast forward speed.  This means if you can keep you riding speed up you will be getting upwind faster and jumping higher.  One of the best racing kites out there for sure, and a great option for those riding race and race inspired freeride boards.

Light Winds:  Cabrinha spends lots of time on their larger kites making them as light and efficient as possible.   If you are a bigger rider or live in a light wind area the 13m and 16m are two of the best and most tested lightwind kites.  Great for getting upwind and having fun while your friends watch from the beach. 

Jumping:  If you live for throwing huge lofty jumps this kite is for you.   Higher aspect, this kite is made to go fast and high.  One of the last kites out there that really excels at going huge and floating down.  Great for the old school guy’s who just want to go higher.

Medium Turning Speed: Fast enough to do whatever you want, but still easy to keep track of. 

Overall: The Crossbow is  a great all around, do anything type of kite as well that will be most appreciated by freestyle riders and racers looking to go fast and big.  If you are into wakestyle riding the Switchblade is the way to go, but if you stay hooked in most of the time the Crossbow will give you more height and float to your jumps.  Crossbow’s point high upwind making them perfect for anyone into racing or just going exploring and covering lots of ground.  The 13m and 16m are 2 of the very best light wind kites out there.  While not quite as stable as the Switchblade, the Crossbow still makes a awsome kite to learn on with pleanty of stabilty and a very easy relaunch, and if you plan on getting into throwing big jumps you will never outgrow it.


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