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Slingshot Rally 2011 – Best All Around Kite EVER!!!

The Rally has quickly become a favorite kite with everyone at  Really this is one of the few kites that any rider will be stoked on.  Beginners , Wakestyle, Waveriders, Freestyle, Racing, Big Jumps.  This one kite does it all.  We have had several customers switching off of 2010 and 2011 kites for this one »

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Our Favorite Go Pro Vids

So getting your friend to stop kiting and video tape you is never going to happen. Get a go pro and make some awsome videos of yourself and others that people will actually have fun watching. These things are super easy to use and the video quality can be amazing. Here are some of our »

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Surfboard Survival Guide

Surfboards seem to just keep getting more and more popular.  While some riders will always want to stick to a high performance twin tip for strong winds, just about everyone will benefit from having a surfboard in their quiver.  Getting on a surfboard for the first time should actually be a pretty easy and fun »

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High Wind Riding Tips

Corpus and Portland TX has been cranking lately.  Riding in stronger winds than what you are used too can be a way different experience.  The most important thing is never go out in conditions that you are not ready for or don’t feel comfortable in.  Stronger winds mean everything happens faster.  Here are a few »

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How to find the kite for you?

So just about every company has released their 2011 lineups and the season is just around the corner.  For anyone just getting started or needing to fill out their quiver now is a exciting time but we understand it can get a little overwhelming with so many options that seem almost identical.  *Note: Always take »

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Cold Water Tips and Tricks

Temps are getting about as cold as possible in many parts of the U.S. but you still want to get in the water?  So you might be crazy but winter can have some of the best wind and waves.  Here are some of the things we find will help you stay comfortable and make life »

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Our Top Travel Tips

Looking to escape the chilly temperatures to a tropical local?  Here are a few tips to get you prepared for take-off. #1.  Booking a flight? Check the baggage fees: Remember when booking a flight, always check the baggage fees which will change from year to year and even month to month.  That ticket that seems »

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The New Kiteboarding Blog

Welcome to the new blog.  Check back for local news, upcoming events, new products and good deals.

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Cabrinha Nomads $800 Off

Cabrinha Nomads are now $800 OFF.  Grab one now while this deal lasts.  For anyone wanting to progress their  riding and get into unhooked wakestyle or waveriding this is a great way to go.  Still has the depower you need for the gusty stuff but kiteloops and unhooked riding feels like a C-kite.  Couple of cool vidoes below.

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2013 Varial X vs Lithium

Whats the difference? As we hear this over and over again from riders.  Well, there is a huge difference. Enough so that Airush Kite Designer, breaks it down and explains the two kites feeling and design. In 2013 the Lithium made some minor changes compared to the 2012, what were they and how does it [...]

Video of the Week: Antandroy by F-One

This video is simply amazing.   Click here to check out the new F-One Bandit 5