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2012 Ozone Reos in the shop

We have had the new Reo’s for a couple weeks now and got to test them out in a variety of different conditions.  Jeff was nice enough to give us a quick walk through of the kites main points.  Click Here to see more of the Ozone Reo  

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WKC Kiteboarding Trailer

Check out Jonathan’s Video of Corpus, Portland, Puerto Rico, and California.  All shot with the GoPro HD.    

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How to Make Your Transitions Smooth

We caught Jeff with Hulk again, in the back of the shop on a Thursday morning. Our best guess is, this is what he does to get away from it all. Anyway, we finally convinced him to use the Hulk and a kite model to really explain transitions on a kiteboard. Learn from a true »

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Kiteboarding Kite Designes Compared

Jeff takes us through the main kite designs out on the market today:          

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Liquid Force 2012 INTRO

check out the new 2012 gear from Liquid Force: OFFICIAL LIQUID FORCE KITEBOARDING 2012 PROMO VIDEO from Liquid Force Kites on Vimeo.  

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Pulleys vs. No Pulleys

Jeff goes over the basics of kites with and without pulleys.  Looking for a new kite.  Check out the latest and greatest kiteboarding kites out there.  

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How to Jump HIGHER

So everyone is always asking how to jump and how to jump higher.  So we broke out our favorite actions figures and kites-on-a-stick and told Jeff to make another informative video.  This video goes into fantastic detail about how to jump higher and better while kiteboarding.  Actually, we just filmed Jeff without him knowing, this »

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The Difference Between Carbon and Fiber Glass in Kiteboards

The question has been asked over and over again, and the answer always seems to be different. The ongoing question of “what’s the difference between fiber glass and carbon fiber” is one that needs an answer. Rather than just ranting and rambling about the differences in this here blog post, we went straight to the »

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Cabrinha Crossbow and Switchblade Review

Cabrinha Crossbow and Switchblade Review The Crossbow and Switchblade are by far the 2 most popular kites from Cabrinha with good reason.  Both relaunch easy, have lots of depower,  turn fast, have a medium bar pressure and suit the needs of just about every rider out there.  Both kites use the IDS Control system that is »

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Get the Family Into It

Get the Family Into It Every kiteboarder should have at least one trainer kite in their quiver.  Not only are they perfect for keeping the kids and family entertained on the beach but are an absolute blast  with a skateboard or mountain board. Every kiter at has one in the car and we pull »

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2013 Varial X vs Lithium

Whats the difference? As we hear this over and over again from riders.  Well, there is a huge difference. Enough so that Airush Kite Designer, breaks it down and explains the two kites feeling and design. In 2013 the Lithium made some minor changes compared to the 2012, what were they and how does it [...]

Video of the Week: Antandroy by F-One

This video is simply amazing.   Click here to check out the new F-One Bandit 5