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Pro Interview #1: Kyle Flower « The Official Kiteboarding Blog


Pro Interview #1: Kyle Flower

Here at we have access to pro riders and industry insiders and figured there is probably a thing or two to learn from them.  For our first interview we have Kyle Flower, a rep, pro rider, gear tester, and way more from Airush.  For anyone that does not know Kyle just check out some of his videos here

How long have you been Kiteboarding
Over a decade now! Kiteboarding still makes me feel young except when I see a 17 year old doing strapless inverts over my head.
If I come to Maui what should I be aware of
Everything. It’s a beautiful place but it’s not Disneyland. The conditions here are ever-changing so seeking local advice before you kite is a good idea. Ultimately the island is alive. There are lots of great things to see and do here but its beauty can sometimes hide its danger. Talk to people and stay on your toes!
What kite sizes would you recommend bringing to Maui
6-10 are the most common sizes on a daily basis. I wouldn’t leave the larger kites at home though. Depending on the time of year or a slight change in the weather, 12m and bigger are needed.
Favorite kite / board
Lithium / Compact 5’6
Favorite riding style
Strapless Waves / Aerials
Any tips for jumping strapless?
Point the nose further into the wind that you would think when initiating. Guide the board in the air, don’t force it. Do it over and over and over and after that a few more times. You will fall A LOT so stick with it. You are in this to get wet!
Most memorable riding experience
Kiting solo with a pod of humpback whales just outside the wave line. Any description beyond that will fail to do it justice.
Other then Maui, where would you choose to ride
Anywhere there are waves and wind. Though I’ve only been a few times, I really like the Oregon coast for its solitude.
Where do you see the sport going in the future.
We are still creating the future every day so its hard to look super far ahead. In terms of riding it will be interesting to see what sort of tricks come around as an increasingly younger generation gets into the sport. Take a look at what was going on 10 years ago. Not too many pulling off “deadman’s” these days without it looking like a joke. I’m excited to see what the next 10 years will bring in terms of tricks and style. Take look at snowboarding 20 years ago and compare it with Shaun White’s recent Olympic performance. I see the bar being set much higher in the kite world when we hit 20 years maturity.


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